How to Plan your Wedding. Top Tips from the Professionals.

How to Plan your Wedding. Top Tips from the Professionals.

August 15, 2018

"When I saw you I fell in love, and you smiled because you knew."
William Shakespeare 


Congratulations on getting engaged! Whether it happened last week or years ago (like me!!) it is still an exciting time. However the excitement can sometimes dwindle when you realise how much is involved in actually planning a Wedding! From personal experience I know that when you first sit down and look into what goes into planning a Wedding it can be overwhelming. I'm not just talking time and effort, but money as well. Depending on your Partners level of enthusiasm can sometimes mean you are planning the entire event on your own. I wanted to write a post to help you guys, but also help me for planning my Big Day!



Whatever your Planning style and Wedding Theme there is always some universal tips that will help every Bride and Groom in one of those overwhelming moments. We have asked some of the best and most talented local Wedding Suppliers for their advice and Tips that they think that every Bride and Groom should know before they start planning their Big Day! Ben and I got engaged just over 4 years ago now, personally I wanted to buy a house and start our business before we tied the knot. Now these goals have been achieved we are FINALLY getting married next year! My one piece of advice is to just remember it is supposed to be fun! When it stops being fun take a step back and evaluate why you are feeling like this. Yes your Wedding Day is going to be a huge part of your life but remember why you are doing it. So that you can be with the person you love for the rest of your life. You have a whole lifetime to make memories it isn't all about that one day. 



The Wedding Professionals Top Tips for your Big Day

It is amazing being able to see a Wedding from both perspectives, it has really helped me with my planning. The main thing that I have learnt is that the professionals really do know what they are talking about. Also you really do pay for experience, the longer someone has been doing it the better they normally are and because of that they know their worth. Check out some of the advice that they wish every Bride knew before they started planning their Wedding! They are in no particular order, just some little gems that I think will really help. 

  1. On the day get family and friends to take photos of you, so after the event you have some immediate photos as generally you have to wait a while before you get any of your professional ones - Emily Alvin EVEents 

  2. Keep a physical or digital scrap book of images that inspire you, you will soon see a trend or at least a colour scheme pattern to help with your decor ideas - Kirsty, The Flower Mill

  3.  As a full time professional wedding magician I typically get booked between 8 to 14 months in advance. There are only so many Saturdays in a year  so the earlier you book the greater chance I  would be free to entertain and WOW your guests on your chosen date. - Christopher Whitelock CW Magic 


  4. Choose a complementing colour palette rather than just one colour. Come away from being too matchy and use touches of your colours across all key areas. Sara, Venue Styling by Sara

  5. Take as much time as you need to plan and pay for your wedding. There is no rush! - Gemma GB Elegant Events


  6. Remember that it is your big day and no one else's, so make decisions you are both happy with and be prepared to have different views on certain elements of the big day. - Emily Alvin EVEents



  7. Plan and make a note of who and how many guests you would like to invite before looking for a venue, and invite people who are genuinely happy for you! - Gemma GB Elegant Events

  8. Start a separate wedding email address so your wedding suppliers emails don’t get mixed up with work and junk emails - Kirsty, The Flower Mill

  9. It's also regularly documented that the biggest regret of married couples is not having their wedding day filmed so they should book a videographer - Rachel Veiled Productions


  10. Bring your personality as a couple in the details of the day. Make it personal to you. Seating plans and table centrepieces are perfect for this. Have a little fun planning them together. Sara, Venue Styling by Sara

  11. Combine your favors as part of your table decor - napkin rings; coasters - Nadia, Refresh Restyle Weddings  

  12. Be willing to take advice - trust your suppliers vision, they deal with weddings every day and know what works from experience and skill set. -Kirsty, The Flower Mill


  13. Make sure that the favor you choose
    is something that your gue

    st will use or eat. I have been to weddings where the favor has no use other than to look pretty for the wedding day. - Nadia, Refresh Restyle Weddings 

  14. When deciding on your theme/style for your day take inspiration from the venue you have chosen. Choose a style that fits. Choose this early on as it will help you in all major decisions from the dress, to the cake, flowers and all the details. Sara, Venue Styling by Sara



Hopefully this list will help you at whatever stage of the Planning process you are at. I've said it once and I will definitely say it again. It is YOUR Big Day and you need to do what makes you and your Partner the happiest. And the most important piece of advice is remember that this is supposed to be fun! Hopefully this will be your last Wedding so you have to make it as special and personal as you can! Looking for an alternative Wedding Caterer? Get in touch today for something that will be truly unique. 



Think that we need to know about somewhere or something? Get in touch today 








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