The Perfect Lemon and Raspberry Cheesecake

The Perfect No Bake Lemon and Raspberry Cheesecake.

August 27, 2018

"Happiness is knowing you have a cheesecake in the fridge."


If I have one weakness it is most definitely my sweet tooth, this recipe encompasses everything that is great about desserts. It is sweet yet sharp, creamy but citrusy the biscuit base adds to the flavour without overwhelming it. But, the best thing about this dessert? You can make it in advance and effortlessly reveal it to your guests, or you'll just have something incredible waiting for you after a long day! I'm very funny with Cheesecakes, I love the idea of them but sometimes I find them way to sickly. However as soon as you add anything lemony or juicy tart little raspberries instantly the over creaminess is eliminated. Instead you get a perfect balance of biscuity, creamy and tartness, and did I mention that you can make this showstopper the night before? And you don't even have to cook anything, just melt some butter! 


I made this cheesecake a while ago now, I picked the raspberries fresh from Gravely Farm and had a few days of raspberry obsessed recipes. I will definitely be sharing these with you guys in the future! They weren't all sweet alongside this amazing cheesecake I made White Chocolate and Raspberry Muffins and I made Raspberry Mojito Fajitas the fajitas turned out even better than I thought they would! I must say it paired perfectly with the warm sunny evening and a Raspberry Mojito in hand. One of the best things about raspberries is that you can get them all year around, yes they may be in frozen form but you know that they were picked in their prime and frozen quickly locking in all that juicy goodness! The only thing you have to watch out for is the bright pink liquid that will happen when they defrost. However because this colour is so pretty that who cares if it runs into your cheesecake? But, it was still amazing to pick my own raspberries, you know you've only picked the best raspberries on offer and you know how fresh they are! Make sure you make the chance to make full use of the berry season and go next year! We love Graveley Fruit Farm and we have been back numerous times this Summer! 



Let us know what you think we love to hear about your creations, so tag us! @carpediempizzasltd 



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