5 Tips to Save Money on your Next Holiday.

5 Tips to Save Money on your Next Holiday.

July 6, 2018

"I haven't been everywhere yet, but it's on my list."


If you are anything like me then you will always have about a million trips planned in your head. Since we have started our Street Food Business we are a lot more restricted about when we can go away. It has to be before May and after September because the Summer is our busiest period. Now I'm being fully honest here, I am a through and through Sun Seeker; I would do anything for a Week of Tanning. So I always plan my holiday around where I can get the best tan. Unfortunately this normally means a long haul flight with long haul prices. It is obviously only been our first year of business so we aren't quite earning the big bucks yet. So I need to find a Long Haul Holiday at a Short Haul price, not only that when Ben and I go away we want to go as lux as possible on the budget that we have. Whether that means in an AirBnb or in a Hotel. On one of our recent trips to Tulum, we stayed in a nice but reasonably priced hotel for the most of our holiday and the last night in a super lux hotel. Both of the Hotels were amazing but Casa Malca was truly incredible. So there are always simple ways to squeeze the most out of your trip. 

Where have we visited or planning to visit this year?

  • Brinsop Court, Hereford 
    This place holds a special place in our hearts as it is going to be our Wedding Venue next year. Luckily for us they have a beautiful little cottage on their grounds that you can rent out for a mini break. Luckily because Ben and I have already booked our Venue we already get a small discount, we also like to go in their low season because we are also quiet. We always book any weekend dates on a Sunday which also lowers the price, so it is normally a Sunday to Monday/Tuesday Night trip. 

  • Hacienda Zorita, Spain 
    This April we had the amazing opportunity to go to Hacienda Zorita which was a beautiful Winery and Organic Farm based in an 18th Century Monastery.  Again we booked our stay in more of a lower season and we found an amazing deal on Secret Escapes. We may have saved slightly more if we had booked on their own, however they threw in so many extras that I know overall we saved. For under £900 we stayed 4 nights, with flights, wine tasting, welcome drinks and tapas and car hire. It saved us so much time and effort and definitely shaved some pennies off overall! Definitely give their website a look there are always some deals that really are great value for money. 


  • Casa Faena, Miami ​
    As I said because of when we have the time to go away try to book a long haul holiday on a short haul budget. Flights are normally the best way to save money so start there. If you don't mind having a stopover on your flight then this is definitely the best way to save money. We managed to get two return flights for under £600 to Miami from London.

    One of our favourite websites is Mr and Mrs Smith. They have luxury hotels all over the world and each booking comes with an added extra.  We booked Casa Faena, this Hotel looks stunning, because we booked with Mr and Mrs Smith we have got a complimentary welcome cocktail and a free Room Upgrade if available.

    The best thing when we checked on Kayak it was the cheapest place to book it as well! For once I actually went under budget, normally Ben gives me a fake budget with a little movement because I always find a good argument for forking out a little bit extra. 

  • Pet Friendly Staycation in the UK
    I have never made it a secret that I love my Dog, Brody is like the child I've never had so we love to go away with him whenever we can. Like I've said Ben and I love going to luxury and romantic hotels and lucky for us there is a whole website that is dedicated to Luxury and Romantic Pet Friendly Hotels. Yes the words luxury and romantic normally hold the luxury price tag. So how do we find a way to save money? Luckily Petspyjamas offer Gift Vouchers which means it is a great gift to recieve when you have no idea what to get! We save them all up and really treat ourselves. However if you don't have the vouchers AirBnB's are a fantastic option and they have a huge amount of Pet Friendly option. Or why not get inspiration on Petspyjamas and check the cost on Kayak. Another great idea is Camping, don't get me wrong I'm not your usual Happy Camper, however  a few little romantic and extra touches can really make it great fun, who does love marshmallows over a campfire?!


    Our Top Money Saving Tips for Booking Holidays 

There are so many simple and easy ways to save money when you are looking for your next Holiday.  Yes it may take a little more time, but I like to think that any money I save I can spend on amazing experiences on your actual holiday! These are some of our favoruite and very easy tips for saving money whilst Holiday Hunting! 


Where are you off to this year? Do you do anything different to save money whilst Holiday hunting? If you are looking for your dream getaway then make sure you check out our Travel and Holiday tips for some epic ideas! Miami has always been high on my list of must see destinations, I've pretty much had the whole holiday planned for a couple of years (don't judge me!) now, and I am psyched to finally be going! Please tell me I'm not the only one to do this?!

Think we need to know about somewhere or something? Get in touch info@carpediempizzas.com 




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