Budweiser and Pulled Pork Mac'n'Cheese.

Budweiser and Pulled Pork Mac'n'Cheese.

July 2, 2018

We go together like Macaroni and Cheese.


If like me you have a slight obsession with Pulled Pork, my favourite recipe is a BBC Good Food one which has a Maple and Wholegrain Mustard Crust. Perfection. Yes Pulled Pork is time consuming and probably only going to be made at the weekend but when you can turn your leftovers into Pulled Pork Mac'n'Cheese it is worth that effort even more! Now my Macaroni and Cheese is far from the typical, it may have some out of place ingredients but trust me it's delicious. You will wonder how you ever made Mac'n'Cheese before this! Don't Panic if you don't have Pulled Pork it is almost as good with Crispy Bacon.

Don't get me wrong this is definitely a meat eaters dream but if you have a Veggie in your midst but you're still craving an epic Mac'n'Cheese this Recipe can be easily adapted! (Add a breadcrumb and parmesan crust, and don't add the pork or Chicken Stock). Because when are you not craving a big old comforting bowl of Mac'n'Cheese? If like me you are obsessed with leftovers make a little too much and the next day you can enjoy a ridiculous Mac'n'Cheese Toastie! Yup it is as delicious and over the top as it sounds, definitely not an everyday treat but sometimes you just need some ridiculously over the top comfort food! 

Unless you have been living under a rock everyone has World Cup Fever! This is the perfect game night dish, it can be prepped the night before and cooked just in time for half time! Lets be serious Football, Beer, Pulled Pork and Mac'n'Cheese just go together perfectly! 


Budweiser Pulled Pork Mac'n'Cheese Recipe 


Mac'n'Cheese Leftovers are amazing. Firstly you get to have Mac'n'Cheese for two nights in a row and that is never a bad thing! However there are so many other great things that you can do with leftover Mac'n'Cheese!

  • Mac'n'Cheese Balls

  • Mac'n'Cheese Toastie 

  • Deep Fried Macaroni 'Fingers' with Dipping Sauce 

  • Just plain Leftovers but Cold 

  • Macaroni 'Dunkers' for Soup

Take a look below at the recipe for our Mac'n'Cheese Toastie below. Yes it is as over the top and delicious as it sounds!


Pulled Pork Mac'n'Cheese Toastie 

 Let us know if you make this recipe, see if I have converted you from your old and trusty recipe. If you are a Mac'n'Cheese lover what do you do with your leftovers (If you have any!!) I would love to hear if you do something different. 

Think we need to know about somewhere or something ? Get in touch today info@carpediempizzas.com 




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