How to throw a Mad Hatters Tea Party.

How to throw a Mad Hatters Tea Party.

June 29, 2018

"You're entirely bonkers, but I'll tell you a secret all the best people are."

Every year Ben and I ensure that we throw at least one party. This might not sound like a big deal but when your work mainly falls on the weekend it can be tricky! This year we didn't want to do our typical BBQ we wanted to try something different.  A Party I have always wanted to throw  was a Mad Hatters Tea Party. I decided that finally this would be the time to throw it! As Ben will tell you once I've started planning a party I'm pretty much obsessed, he gets to hear about all my whacky ideas. Luckily/Unluckily for Ben the Mad Hatters Tea Party theme really allows your imagination run wild. Personally I love throwing a party and everything that comes with it. I live for party planning and this Party was no exception. 


Some parties don't rely heavily on styling, I tend to try and make each event Pretty with a touch of Romance (basically lots of flowers and even more candles). However I knew that for a Mad Hatters Tea Party to pull it off it would definitely be a lot more work! Firstly you simply cannot have a tea party without a proper china tea set. That is where my Party Planning began. After lots of research I stumbled across an amazing locally owned company that ticked every box, Herts Vintage Hire. Not only did they have the China Tea Set that was a must for this party but a whole host of props that really added to my Wonderland theme. When you have a set theme and props that match it that is when the fun begins! You can finally start envisioning how your event will look. With an event such as this I start by looking at Pinterest to inspire me and I then adapted my ideas from there. My Top Tip for derotating is to write down what you have planned for each area. It is much easier to actually create your vision because you have already got it planned out and it also helps you to not forget anything!

However great your venue or table looks the party planning doesn't just stop there, obviously you need to think of the guest list and of course the food and drinks! If I pick a theme I stick with it wherever I can and for a Mad Hatters Tea Party there was only one type of food that would be acceptable, an Afternoon Tea. Now our Parties tend to be more of a boozy affair so normal tea definitely wasn't going to cut it, we decided upon the Long Island variety to get the party started! Whatever party you are planning make sure that it really reflects your personality and how you would like a party to be. Otherwise you could be at anyones party! This is a time for you to show off so go as OTT or as laid back as you want!

The party was a huge hit and I was so pleased on how it all came together and it is by far one of the funnest events that I have planned. The great thing about a Mad Hatters Theme that it brought back childhood memories of the wonderful animated Alice in Wonderland film. My imagination got to run wild and it allowed me to create the Wonderland that I had once imagined as a child. What I loved is that each person will interpret their perfect Wonderland. For me it merged a mixture of my childhood ideas that tended to be more colourful with my more grown up taste; which added a romanticised view of my Wonderland. For me it was the perfect balance for our Party style and elegance, without the formal stuffy atmosphere. Whenever you are throwing an event know your strengths! Take a look at some of our Party throwing tips below, these can be easily applied to any party you are planning on hosting!


Tips on how to create the perfect Food and Drink Menu for your Party. 




Turn your Venue from drab to fab with our simple tips!




Whatever your theme or whenever your party is make sure that you do have a great time both planning and at the party! Personally I love the planning just as much as I do the Party but that is just the kind of person I am! If you HATE cooking but love Styling for your event why bother cooking? You love to cook but don't see the point of all of the decoration fuss, simply don't do it! There are such amazing companies out there that love to do the parts that you hate or don't have time for! Street Food is an epic option for food and it will really put a smile on your guests face! Companies like Herts Vintage Hire also offer their services to set up all of the decorations etc for you. Not only that but you can now hire Mobile Bars to come and make signature and themed cocktails! Depending on how much involvement you want to have you can pretty much throw a party and the only work you have to do is the Guest List! Everyone is different just remember to do what works for you and have FUN!

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