Our Day at Taste of London 2018.

Our Day at Taste of London 2018.

June 19, 2018

First we eat. Then we do everything else.


One of the best things about working in the Street Food industry is hands down getting to go to so many incredible foodie events. On the flip side of that it is also one of the worst things as well. Simply because we barely ever get the chance to enjoy the amazing foods that people have to offer!  So when we finally had an evening off that coincided with one of London's largest Food Festivals, it would have been rude not to go! If you read our London Date Ideas, then you will know that Ben and I couldn't wait for this. Sowe finally booked some tickets and we had a full on Foodie Date Night! And boy am I glad that we did, we ate some amazing dishes and washed it down with some incredible drinks. It was the perfect date night and we will definitely be going next year! 

Some people don't really get food festivals, you have to pay to get in to pay to eat? Why would you bother? Well with some Food Festivals I totally get where these people are coming from, however Taste of London is completely different. The food being served here is slightly different to the norm, yes Street Food is amazing but it isn't the only Food that we enjoy. Taste of London is made up of amazing Artisan Traders, well known brands and some of London's most amazing restaurants. Each restaurant served their own signature dishes and a Taste Exclusive dish all created with this event in mind, the best thing all the dishes are on the smaller side so you get to graze around as much as you can. We only managed to eat at four restaurants, but we definitely wanted to eat at more! The only downside of this place is that it is so popular, meaning at times the queues were on the larger side! Also the food was so amazing that I either forgot to take pics or half it was gone by the time I remembered my camera. But sometimes you've just got to live in the moment! 


Not only is there incredible food offerings there are also Masterclasses for you to hone in on some of the skills you have always wanted. From making Bao to the Perfect Salad. As you know I'm an avid cook and to be honest I wanted a night being cooked for rather than doing the cooking! Luckily for us there were also Cocktail Making Classes, that is one thing that neither of us would ever turn down! We took part in two masterclasses Ketel One Personalised Summer Spritz and Johnnie Walker Highball Creation. I am definitely more of a Vodka Girl and Ben is definitely into his Whiskey, but we both had fun in both classes! It was great fun experimenting with flavours and we both loved both drinks that we made! I love learning any new skills, especially ones that are going to make my Food and Parties even better. Drink pairing is definitely something that I enjoy and want to get into more.

There is literally something for everyone here, and the best thing is that every person wants you to love their products as much as they do! Think lots of free samples! The range of products on offer is incredible from Popcorn to Gin and Nut Butters to Chickpea Crisps! Even when you aren't trying to eat or drink it is pretty hard not to! My only criticism was that there was so much to see and do and when it is busy it is hard to get round to everything. When we decided to leave we walked past so many stalls that we would have loved to explore, including a Free Wine Tasting Masterclass! Obviously after our trip to Hacienda Zorita in April Ben and I love a good Wine Tasting. Next year we are going to try and go in the week on the Afternoon Session, less queues which just means more Food and Booze! 

 Did you got the this years Taste of London? We would love to hear what you think of this years Event. Fancy some other fun ideas for days out in London? Make sure that you check out our London Date Ideas. I know that Ben and I can't wait to continue working through our list of things to do! 

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