Behind The Scenes Of A Styled Wedding Photoshoot

Behind The Scenes Of A Styled Wedding Photoshoot

June 1, 2018

So you know sometimes when you are scrolling through a blog or flicking through a Wedding Mag and you see a Wedding that looks too good to be true... Well sometimes it might just be. Plenty of those perfect Weddings have been created by amazing Wedding Suppliers just to show you how amazing they can be! Giving Wedding Suppliers free reign to create something can often mean that you are going to have some new ideas for your Big Day that you just can't shake. Have a look at some of the amazing shots that we got from our first Styled Wedding Shoot, not only are the final images great, we had so much fun getting involved! 

 Why bother doing a Styled Shoot, can't you just take pictures at real Weddings? 


If you have ever been to a Wedding or planned your own you know just how busy and hectic they can be! So imagine being part of the team making that Special Day come together, trust me when I say sometimes you don't get the chance to sit back and take in the rest of the Wedding. Definitely not much time to be taking well thought out quality photos!! Depending on what part you play in the Wedding the Photographer may not be there when you are playing your part so you won't get any professional snaps on the day either. That is definitely the case for us, often we don't even meet the Bride and Groom as they are off having the time of their lives, mingling with their guests! Often the Best Man is sent out to get the Bride and Grooms Pizzas.  If you are lucky enough to have your products photographed you have no control over how and where they are taken. The photographer's main goal is to take stunning Pictures of the Bride and Groom and focus on the big picture rather than your products. You might get lucky if the photographer takes a shining to your element but this is obviously never guaranteed. 

 However if you are part of a Styled Shoot the main focus of the day shifts, the whole point of these shoots is to show off your  products and skills as best they can. You get to work closely alongside the photographer, as you are the person who knows your products the most. A lot of these pictures will feature on your own social medias and websites so it needs to paint a story that your ideal clients want to see. The picture above, instead of just being a Pizza on a Wooden Board, the Pizzas are on the Boards on a Wedding Table. From this Picture we have now set the Scene of Pizzas for their first meal as a Married Couple. The great thing about these kind of images they tell a story, it gives your future clients a glimpse into what their Big Day could look like. It sets a completely different tone compared to the picture below. 

When you first start your business and as time goes on you will learn more and more about your ideal client. It is important to try and stick to your ideal client as much as possible especially when choosing Styled Shoots to be apart of. If you take pictures with a theme that you couldn't imagine being part of, why would you want to promote these images? They wouldn't encourage your ideal client to choose you, in fact it may even push them away. As long as you go in with a good idea of what your role will be on the day of the shoot you are halfway there.  


Are you able to Network on the Day? 


Absolutely. This is the other main reason to get involved in a Styled Shoot. You get to meet other like minded people with the same ideal client base. This should potentially lead to recommendations. You not only get to show off your products in the Final Pictures but to your peers on the day. Obviously we didn't want our Pizzas and Antipasto to go to waste so everyone involved in the shoot got to dig in! This was even better for us as it meant that they not only knew that our Pizzas look amazing but they taste incredible as well! Lots of Brides will prefer to only use suppliers that have been recommended to them. When we have someone (local) enquire about our Wedding Packages we get to recommend some amazing local suppliers. A lot of these suppliers we have interviewed, so not only do Bride and Grooms to be get recommendations from us but they also get to find out more about our recommendations. As a small business sometimes it can be hard to compete with the Big Boys, a lot of the time the thing that swings it is the personal touch.  

 Things to Think of. 

  • Find out the theme for the shoot, you want your product to fit in seamlessly, you do not stick out in a bad way!

  • Bring as many things that you can to photograph, but ensure that it is still quality over quantity. 

  • Make the most of the networking experience. Make sure that you pack lots of business cards and ask as many questions that you can . 

  • Prepare for Worst Case Scenario for weather, lighting etc. 

  • Make sure that you know the time frame of when you will receive the images and if there will be any restrictions on sharing them. This shoot was in Affinity Wedding Magazine.

  • Have a goal of what you want to get out of the shoot, if like us you don't just do Weddings try and get some pictures that are versatile. 

  • Ensure that you double check timings the day before to ensure that you have enough time to set up everything. 

  • Promote the fact that you are doing a Styled Shoot with Pictures on your Social Media e.g. Instagram Stories. 

  • Remember it is great PR, most shoots are published in magazines or popular blogs, so your product will reach every Bride that reads that magazine/blog it is published in. 

  • Remember to take a step back and pat yourself on the back, you're doing great. Just think if you products were c**p why would anyone want to phot0graph them?

  • Most importantly HAVE FUN! This is probably one of the only times that you will get to fully control what you are putting out there. So go for it and enjoy yourself! 

  • Find out who you will be shooting with before you go so you can find out a little bit about them before you arrive. 

What to think of these shoots if you are a Bride to Be? 


So some of you might think that this is cheating as it isn't what you will actually see on the day. However I think that it actually gives you a deeper insight into the suppliers you are looking at. If you fall in love with what they have created then you are falling in love with their personal style. As a supplier they should be showcasing their creme de la creme of products to ensure that you get the best first impression. When shopping around for suppliers it is often your first impression that will tip your decision. If you instantly fall in love with someone's work then you know that that company is the right one for you.  Pictures paint a thousand words, find as many pictures as possible to get a true feel for someone's business. 


Have a look at some more amazing pictures that were captured on the day below. Huge thank you to Nicki from FJS Photography for her amazing camera skills on the day.

 We met some amazing people at this shoot, since then we have had the chance to interview two of the suppliers, Sara from Venue Styling with Sara and Katy from Olive and Millicent

Please see below for the list of all people involved and their social Media names so you can appreciate even more of their amazing work. Keep an eye out for more interviews with these guys below. 


Photography -
Models - Keily, Dean and Aimie
Venue - @moggerhangerpark 
Venue Styling - @venuestylingbysara 
Plates, Cutlery and Glasses - @harts_events 
Florist - @flowersbysuzannerandell 
Hair Stylist - @thegreyroom82 
Make Up Artist - @emorrismua 
Stationery - @oliveandmillicent 
Bridal Dresses - @katejosephbridal 
Hairpieces - @rachellouisebridal 
Suit - @vintagesuithire 
Bridesmaids Dresses - @thth_bridesmaids 
Cake - @meadowsweetcakes 
Catering - @carpediempizzas 
Balloons - @ktckrafts 

If you have a styled Photoshoot coming up and you would like us to be involved then get in touch





















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