London Summer Date Ideas Part 1.

London Summer Date Ideas Part 1.

May 30, 2018

 You always have time for the people you put first.


Summer definitely is my favourite part of the year! Knowing it is going to be sunny the next day makes me feel so happy. The hard thing for me now is that Summer is also our busiest time of year. Which means it is more work, work, work than sun and fun! So I have to find lots of fun things to do when we do finally get some time together. I make sure we do doing something different and special. That way it really maximises our time together when we are both in fun mode! Whatever the reasons it is great to have some ideas on the back burner for when you do get some couple time. I don't know about you but half the time we end up not doing anything because we spend too much time arguing about what to do! I have tried to mix the list of Summer ideas and 'British Summer' ideas (aka inside and dry!!)
P.S this pic was definitely not taken in London, but the palm trees looked summery so it fits (kind of) it was taken at Casa Malca, Tulum 

  1. London Zoo Late Nights - Imagine the zoo after dark with no noisy kids, just noisy adults that are making the most of the kid free zoo. Not only can you see the animals after dark you can be apart of Yoga Classes, Comedy Sketches and of course amazing Street Food! How do I know the Street Food will be amazing? Because you can find us there nearly every Friday in June and July (excluding 8th June and 20th July)


  2. Sh**t Faced Shakespeare does Romeo and Juliet - WTF? I hear you say. Well imagine Romeo and Juliet being acted out in front of you... now imagine it with one cast member absolutely S***faced! Well that is what you get here. They have dates running from 20th June to September 1st for this play in London. There are also dates for Brighton and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals. 


  3. Prince Charles Cinema Movie Marathons - From Arnie nights to Disney Pyjama Parties they have a movie marathon that suits everyone's tastes. You get to pack your own picnic (must not be smelly or noisy food) bring your own blankets and don't worry there is a 15 minute gap in between each movie!  Ben and I are thinking of going to either the Disney Pixar Pyjama Party. or the Lord of the Rings marathon,

  4. Kew Gardens -  I've never been to Kew Gardens and I am determined to visit this year, I love flowers and I don't think my garden quite matches up to the beauty of this place! After an afternoon of wandering around these stunning floral wonder pieces you can enjoy an afternoon tea in their beautiful Botanical Room. 

  5. Pergola on the Roof- An outdoors street foodie heaven! With offerings from the likes of Patty and Bun and Canard you know you will be fed well! You'll be well watered as well with an extensive and inclusive drinks menu, they literally have something for everyone. Another tip is that after 5pm there are no under 18s allowed! You can make bookings up to 6 weeks in advance and if there is 15 of you why not try and book one of their day beds?

  6. Somerset House Cinema -  I have always wanted to go to this event but I've never been quick enough to book tickets. This year isn't meant to be either, they are showing one of my favourite films Inception, but it is the day before a HUGE event for us, so I will be being a busy bee in the Kitchen rather than be out partying, but there is nothing stopping you from booking! 

  7. Taste of London 13th - 17th June- There is going to be a 5 day takeover of Regents Park where some of the top chefs will be creating mouthwatering food for us all to swoon over and devour! With cocktail making classes and Artisan Food Markets and anything foodie related you can think of in between, if you're into your food then this is the place to be this summer! With tickets starting from £17 and weekday options for all of us poor souls that work weekends, this is a winner for anyone involved! 

  8. Kerb Camden Market - You may have seen on one of our previous posts, where we visited this amazing Market. I mean Camden itself is definitely worth a visit,it is one of the most vibrant and quirky in London. When you add in this incredible street food market you are definitely on to a winner! When we last visited the sun was shining and it was the perfect day out, amazing food, fantastic views and lots to explore! If you do manage to get down there make sure you check out the amazing Chin Chin Ice Cream Lab, INCREDIBLE Ice Cream made by the Willy Wonka's of the Ice Cream World.


  9. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child - Ok so Ben and I have already seen this play and I am a through and through HP Fan! It does take a minute to adjust to Harry Potter in the theatre as it is obviously a completely different style of acting from the films. However we still loved it and I'm so glad that we went to see it. So next admission I bought our tickets for us to go in March in January 2017! However every Friday they release Forty tickets for you to buy and they always advise that you keep an eye out for late release tickets so it is possible. We saw both parts in one day so it is an intense Potter filled day. Luckily for us Shake Shack was opposite the theatre and Bun House was around the corner. If we were to go again I would still go to the Bun House (their Pork Bao was insane!) but if we wanted a Burger Fix then Patty and Bun are only around the corner as well. Not only that but Pizza Pilgrims, an amazing Pizzeria chain in London is a five minute walk. 

  10. Watching Wimbledon on a Big Screen- There are so many Big Screens to watch Wimbledon around London but I think I have found a few amazing options for you. You cannot get much more British than Strawberries and Cream and Pimms whilst watching Wimbledon? Not much I tell you! Why not watch Wimbledon with the backdrop of St Paul's Cathedral at One New Change or why not reserve a table at The Bluebird? For the Men and Womens Finals they are putting on a special Set menu for £75. You can also enjoy watching at the Pimms Wimbledon Bar in Selfridges, these seem a bit stuffy? Then why not head to Skylight, Tobacco Docks for amazing food and drinks and games of Croquet and Petanque. (games must be pre booked)


     Keep an eye out for Part 2 of this post for Ten more Summer Date ideas in London. What do you think of the ideas above? Have you got anything planned for this summer?

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