Must do things in Salamanca, Spain

Must do things in Salamanca, Spain

May 21, 2018

Let's find some beautiful places to get lost.


Salamanca isn't the most thought of City when it comes to tourist spots in Spain, but if you can, go and visit. We did a whistle stop day trip  whilst we stayed at the amazing Hacienda Zorita Winery and Spa Hotel; just outside of Salamanca. So we tried to do some sightseeing in between the Wine Tasting! I love wandering around a new City and finding out what makes them unique. Every City I have visited has a different feel about it and I love discovering what makes them special in their own way. Why travel if you aren't going to try and immerse yourself in new experiences. 


  • The Old & New Cathedrals 
    I love Religious Architecture, especially in Europe. The decadence and intricity of anyone of the Cathedrals you step into is a pleasure to your eyes. I'm not very religious at all but I always feel at peace in a Church, I always light a candle if they are available. It is just my own way of remembering people I have lost. Of all of the Churches and Cathedrals I have explored in Europe, this was definitely the most unique. The Old and the New Catherdral being built together, you walk through a door and you are transported back to a completely different architectural design. It is worth a look round even if you aren't your typical Religious Architecture Fan. 

Plaza Mayor
I love a square, a Piazza, a Plaza whatever you want to call them. They are always beautiful and unique in their own way.  Always the best spots to people watch, and to really get an insight into the people that make up the New City that you are exploring. Plaza Mayor is no exception, surrounded by astounding architecture and full of the hustle and bustle of this vibrant town. It also seems to be where to spot 99% of all Stag and Hen do's from Spain. No exaggeration we saw around 20 different Stag/Hen Parties when we were wandering! We enjoyed some great Tapas, people watching and then I hunted down some amazing Gelato. 

  •  The Shopping
    There are some amazing shops in Salamanca from the usual European Faves like Zara and Mango, also some cool Vintage Shops as well where you pay by the Kilo! Along with incredible Homeware Stores and Sweet Shops!