Pimms Cake Recipe

Pimms Cake Recipe

May 19, 2018

I know today is the Royal Wedding, so I thought that this utterly British Recipe would go down a treat. I mean what is more British than Pimms? How about a story about an over excited girl when the sun shone on a Bank Holiday? Well that is what the below story is about! I'm off to The Vic to have a Royal Breakfast and watch the Wedding! How are you celebrating? 


The Sun poked its head out from beneath the clouds on a BANK HOLIDAY for once! So that called for one thing and one thing only, Pimms. I know how British can I be, but honestly it isn't summertime until you have Pimms. My thinking behind this if I celebrate Summer early then surely it will last longer? Wishful thinking or Positive thinking ... you decide! So in true British Fashion we packed a picnic and went for a day out. I refuse to do things by halves so in true Lauren fashion I packed a ridiculous picnic, which may have included a Pimms Cake. Yes if you love Pimms it is as good as you are imagining and if you don't like Pimms I still guarantee you will love this Cake! 

Our Picnic


Focaccia stuffed with Whipped Herb Goats Cheese, Semi Dried Cherry Tomatoes, Seaweed and Cider Salami and Olives. 

Pasta Salad

Crisps and Homemade Sour Cream and Chive Dip 


Seaweed and Cider Salami 

Rosemary and Salt Salami Sticks

Cheddar and Apple Pork Pie 
Pimms Cake!
Pimms and Rose Lemonade and Gin Cans (I can't resist these cans for a picnic!) 
Pedigree Jumbo Bones

Off we went with our Picnic to Northaw Point to Point Races, I have such fond memories of going to point to point as a child. We used to live in Somerset so Larkhill was our closest; however Ben had never been and he didn't quite get the concept. When we arrived to the topless man and fair rides in the background, I did think for a slight moment maybe it wasn't quite the way I remembered? Thankfully it was only for a moment and I was proved right; we all had such a great time. Ok the sunshine and Pimms may have helped but I can't wait to go again. It is always fun to have a little flutter and I love a day out with my Family; especially when it includes our four legged members! Kids under 16 go free and although the Fun Fair rides weren't for us, the kids around us were definitely having fun! With a minimum bet of £2 everyone can get involved in the fun of the races! 

 Anyway the reason you have come to the post isn't to hear about my day out it is for the recipe for my Pimms Cake! I have made this cake numerous times and it is always a huge hit. I've made in this loaf style and as a layered Cake for a more special occasion. Both are delicious and the layered cake is a real British Summertime Showstopper! The loaf cake is the perfect thing for a picnic and it is super simple to make and looks impressive and so delicious. 



200g Unsalted Butter

200g Caster Sugar

200g Self Raising Flour 

1 Tsp Baking Powder

3 Large Eggs
Handful of Fresh Mint finely chopped

60ml Pimms

Lemon and Orange Zest 

Pinch of Salt

Pimms Syrup
100ml Pimms

Juice of 1 Orange

Juice of 1 Lemon

100g Caster Sugar

Icing and Topping
225g Icing Sugar
Splash of Pimms 
Mixture of Pimms Fruit Strawberries, Oranges, Apple and more chopped Mint


  1. Preheat your oven to 180c and prepare your cake tin.  Cream the butter and Sugar until very light and fluffy. 

  2. Crack the eggs into a seperate bowl and beat until they are fully mixed together. Add to the butter and sugar mix with a handful of flour. Whisk until fully combined and full of air. 

  3. Add the Mint, Pimms and Zest and stir until fully combined, you want to make sure these flavours are throughout the batter. 

  4. Fold in the Flour, Baking Powder and Pinch of Salt. Keep folding until all ingredients are fully mixed together and then pour into your prepared cake tin. 

  5. Bake for 40-50 minutes or until Golden Brown and when poked no mixture appears on the skewer. Leave to cool in the tin for 10 minutes. 

  6. Whilst the cake is cooling make your Pimms Glaze. Add all of the ingredients to a saucepan over a medium heat, let the mixture simmer away until all of the sugar grains have dissolved. 

  7. Poke the Cake all over, as far down as you can without going through the base. Brush or Pour the Pimms Syrup, until the entire cake is drenched in the Pimms syrupy deliciousness! if you haven't already done so remove your acke to a wire cooling rack.

  8. Once the cake has fully cooled make the Pimms Icing, add the wet ingredients slowly as you want this to be on the thicker side of Icing. Once the icing is the perfect consistency for you. 

    1. Pour your icing onto the cake and ensure that you have a level and thick layer of icing. Then delicately place your Pimms themed fruit all over the loaf. Once you are happy with your fruit placing then finish with a sprinkle of freshly chopped mint. 

      I was asked to make a cake for a Bake Sale for Stand Up to Cancer, I felt like it would be rude not to make this cake again! However I did mix it up a bit by making it a bit more of a showstopper. I baked it in my heart shaped cake tin and frosted it with Pimms Spiked Mascarpone Frosting and typical Pimms fruit, apples, strawberries, oranges and mint. I had planned on making it a layer cake, however I got distracted by life (my new saying!) and it didn't happen. 

      My plan was to save some of the Pimms syrup and soak the strawberries in it and then have them in the middle of the cake with more mascarpone frosting! However this didn't happen and the cake (I think) still looked amazing so if you don't have time don't worry whoever sees this cake whether it is layered or not will be over the moon!  

      Mascarpone Frosting Recipe

500g Mascarpone 
300g Icing Sugar
60ml Pimms 
Splash of Milk 
1Tsp Almond Essence

1Tsp Vanilla Essence
Orange Zest or Orange Blossom Essence 


I personally use a stand mixer so I kind of just dump everything in the bowl and mix until all the ingredients have been mixed thoroughly and the mixture is smooth and almost fluffy.


This is now my favourite frosting and I want to put it on everything! You don't have to have the essences and pimms etc. in, whole new flavours can be made. My fave so far has been a raspberry and lemon for a raspberry and lemon cake. 

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Pimms Cake Recipe