Our Interview with Rosalyn from Rosalyn's Emporium.

Our Interview with Rosalyn from Rosalyn's Emporium.

May 28, 2018

All because two people fell in love...


Like in all jobs, you have good and bad days. Don't get me wrong my worst day on this Van is better than any of the bad days I had at my old job! Last weekend we had the pleasure to be part of the Tie The Knot Wedding Carnival and it really was an amazing day. We got to meet so many amazing Brides to Be and there is nothing I love more than talking Pizza, and how we can be apart of people special days. We love to cater Weddings but I always feel that these are the jobs that I get most nervous about. I'm planning my own Wedding, I know how disappointed I would be if one of the businesses I worked with ending up sucking. We have had no complaints yet so we must be doing something right! Don't worry we are doing another post about our day at Tie The Knot Wedding Carnival, so keep an eye out!


Anyway back to last weekend! Not only did I get to talk Pizza all day, I also got to meet some incredible Wedding Suppliers from Wedding Dress Boutiques to Florists and everything you can think of in between. That is where I came across the amazing Rosalyn. Her business idea is so unique and I was in awe of what she does. Ben and I are definitely going to be using her service for our Big Day! So what is it I hear you shout?! She has created a service where you and your partner can make their own Wedding rings and other Wedding based gifts. From cufflinks to bracelets, necklaces basically anything you can think of! Not seeing it yet? Well Rosalyn  can do things like turning a bullet shell (the couple met in the Army) into an element for your Wedding Rings! Or how about getting your fingerprints engraved on each others rings? 


 Cute right, and what an amazing thing to say that you have done together; the fact that you have made it makes that ring even more special. As I have said before I'm a control freak and I love to say that I have done as much as I possibly can when I throw any get togethers. I always make all of the food, I do my own floral centerpieces, style my own tables and create my own cocktails. For people like me you have come to terms with the fact that there will be certain parts of my Wedding that I won't be involved with. Before I met Rosalyn I thought that our Wedding Rings would just be something I couldn't be apart of. Now I get to personalise something that doesn't just last a day but for our whole life. You also get to have a whole day with your fiance making something together. Rosalyn has just started doing silverwork classes, you get to choose what item of jewellery you make. Make sure you checkout her website to find out more information. 

 Personally we will be using her for our Wedding Rings and gifts for our Bridesmaids and Groomsmen etc. I think it is such an important gift and I always believe things are more cherished if you have had a hand in making them. To find out more about Rosalyn and her amazing business read her interview below. 

What made you get into the wedding business?

Truthfully I’ve always been a day dreaming romantic in some way. I found my love for jewellery early on by being fascinated with my mum’s rings. When we planned our own wedding in 2007 I knew that I would some day work in the wedding industry but I just didn’t know in what capacity yet. I enjoyed the lead up to the wedding, the research, making things ourselves & planning almost as much as the day itself. I made my first pair of wedding rings in 2001 for my sister & brother-in law. Then followed a steady stream of cousins, friends & a few referrals asking me to make, or for them to help make their own wedding rings. It was really good fun & the seed of my business idea started then I guess. Following 13 years of working for a large jewellery & watch chain I was made redundant in 2016. The business experience & in particular wedding jewellery knowledge I gained from that role, coupled with my love for creating bespoke rings & including the couple in the process lead to me setting up ‘Rosalyn’s Emporium. I knew there was a market for it & I wanted to work from home to be with my young children as much as possible.


What is the favourite part of your job?

All of it - genuinely I mean that. I even enjoy doing the accounts & paperwork side as long as there is an even spread of creativity mixed in. I have a tendency to get bored quickly & so need lots of different things to be able to move between in order to keep me interested. I think it’s the creative mind ticking away all the time. I like to challenge myself, learn new things, meet new people but also have time by myself to reflect & dream up new things. If I really had to choose one thing I would say seeing people hold their finished wedding rings when they’ve spent all day making them - that really does get me every time.


What makes you stand out from other suppliers?

Hopefully my complete passion for my business, the craftsmanship & care I put into things makes me stand out. This is one of those genuine, born from family & friends, hobby turned business examples. I never stop thinking, planning my business & what I’ll do with it next. It’s for life.

What advice do you have for future bride & grooms?

Weddings have gone crazy the last few years & I think there is so much pressure on people to have a ‘Pinterest’ worthy day. Stay true to what you like, want & can afford basically is my advice. Have you list of essentials & your list of ‘nice to haves’. Little things mount up so quickly & so having a strong budget plan I think is one way to make sure you don’t over spend & get carried away. There is vast choice now. Make a decision & stick to it. Then stop looking so you don’t change your mind.


What has been your most memorable wedding moment?

Probably our first dance & playing cricket on our wedding day with my cousins. My Uncle caught me out first go (can you believe that!?) Our first dance was ‘All the time in the world’ Louis Armstrong. We weren’t brilliant dancers at all but it was fun & when all our family & friends joined in it was even better.


 What is your most memorable foodie experience?

For our honeymoon we went to Newquay & stayed in the little house on it’s own island. We booked it the day before so very impromptu. When we got there we phoned to book at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen & Rick Stein’s Seafood Restaurant in Padstow. Amazingly we got tables at both & had the tasting menus. Fifteen was amazing food & we watched the sunset over the sea. We also met Rick Stein & he signed our tasting menu for us. We’ve framed both menus & they are in our kitchen as a daily reminder. I’ll never forget those places & the food….mmmm


What is the one food you cannot live without?

Easy, chocolate. I’m obsessed. Especially love Swiss or Belgian chocolates but really anything will do depending on the situation. If there’s a new bar out I have to try it. After meeting Lauren from Carpe Diem Pizzas I have not stopped thinking about trying their S’mores Calzone.


What is your most memorable travel experience?

For our wedding gift we asked for Trailfinders vouchers. On our first anniversary we left for New Zealand to spend 3 weeks driving round in a little van. It was so good. We joined a camp site organisation & drove from site to site planning a couple of days ahead at a time. We started in Christchurch & went to me friend’s 30th birthday which was a complete coincidence timing wise. Then we drove round the South island & up to the North flying home from Auckland. We didn’t see enough of the North island so would like to go back. Such an easy place to travel round & pretty much stress free apart from me directing us up a one way gravel track on the side of a mountain. That reverse journey back down was pretty hairy. Highlight for me was going to Lake Te Anau & going inside the caves to see glow worms.


Would you like to make your own Wedding Rings? What is one part of your Wedding that cannot let someone else do?

Have something that you think we need to know about? Get in touch info@carpediempizzas.com



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