Our Favourite Brunch Spots Worldwide.

Our Favourite Brunch Spots Worldwide.

May 15, 2018

Brunch is Always a Good Idea.


My favourite meal in life is Brunch. One of my biggest sacrifices starting this business is the fact that I cannot Brunch as much as I want to.  No seriously that is how much I LOVE to brunch! Weekend mornings are made for Brunch, but when you're away everyday is the weekend! Whenever I travel I am always on the hunt for my new favourite Brunch Spot. Some places are fancier than others, but they offer something unique and individual in their own ways.


Our Brunch List 

1. The River Cafe, Brooklyn - You cannot beat the views of Brooklyn Bridge from this incredible little place. It is filled with Fresh Flowers, Freshly Made Juices and Drool Worthy Food. Add in the IMPECCABLE service and the Views. I had the most amazing French Toast and Ben had Pastrami and Eggs I mean isn't that just the most New York Brunch item ever? It was amazing and worth the hefty price tag, if you can go then please do you won't regret it! It was even worth even worth the FREEZING cold Bike ride over the Brooklyn Bridge! 

 2. (Joint First) Philosophy, Tulum - Firstly the Hotel is seriously cool and it used to be one of Pablo Escobar's old Mansions! How epic is that?! Anyway the views are stunning all White Sand, Crystal Clear Waters and seriously cool Hotel Chic. We ate Brunch, Lunch and Dinner here and every meal was exquisite. From Traditional Mexican Dishes to the Classics we all love like these Pancakes AMAZING! (you will start to see my Pancake Obsession) The juice is freshly squeezed, the coffee is freshly made and the Cocktails are on point whatever time of day you order them!

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3.The Groundworks, Hitchin - All Day Pancakes on a Sunday! Need I say more? Especially when they look like below! Amazing food and Coffee and you don't even have to drag hungover self up at an ungodly hour! Everything is freshly made to an impeccable standard and it is right on our doorstep. Lucky Us! Don't fear if like Ben you soo do not have a sweet tooth. From Spanish Black Pudding (Morcilla) to Shakshuka they have got your savoury taste buds COVERED! 

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4. Sarabeth's (Multiple Locations) New York - Ben and I went to the Central Park South Location whilst we waited for the snow to clear before the Natural History Museum. Thanks GOD for Sarabeth's. It was toasty, cosy and full of real New Yorkers. PERFECT! We had Crab Cakes Benedict and Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, proper hot chocolate and delish OJ. Can someone please take me back?! This place is super homely and relaxing, the perfect place to spend a wintery morning. Actually scrap that any morning.  


 5. Cafe Savoy, Prague - So firstly me and my friend Hannah went all the way to Prague solely to see Justin Bieber (don't judge) actually I don't care if you do it was amazing and we loved every minute! We may or may not have drunk far too much Vodka, I blame it on Bieber Fever!  Thankfully we didn't. Instead we ordered all the foods and all of the drinks. All were amazing. We had Freshly Baked Bread, French Toast, Baked Eggs, Proper Hot Chocolate and enough Fresh Juice to cure our Bieber and Vodka Fuelled hangover.