Our Stay at Hacienda Zorita Wine and Spa Hotel, Spain

Our Stay at Hacienda Zorita Wine and Spa Hotel, Spain

April 30, 2018

Every empty bottle is filled with stories.


The calm before the storm, that is what I feel that the month of April has been like. I know that our Street Food Diaries are about to explode with bookings, so we thought we would have a sneaky getaway before this occurred. Now if I'm not working on my laptop it is definitely safe to say that I am researching for my next trip. When I stumbled across an amazing deal to Hacienda Zorita on Secret Escapes, it was too good to be true. A Winery in Spain with its own Organic Farm, built in an Old Monastery, near a beautiful Historical Town... To be honest they had me at Winery; the rest was just an incredible bonus! I think that it is really important to try and make as much time as you can with your significant other. Whether that be a dog walk or a romantic mini-break. As long as you are both doing something you love or want to learn about together, it is a recipe for fun and amazing memories. And this trip certainly delivered on both!


My New Years Resolution this year was a fun one, to learn more about Wine and start to enjoy it not just tolerate it! So this not only ticked all of our Holiday requirements it was allowing me to actually keep one of my resolutions! Included in our deal with Secret Escapes was a Hire Car, this was perfect as the drive from Madrid to Salamanca is just over 2 1/2 hours, and Ben and I also love having the option to explore on our own terms! From the moment we stepped out of your car we know it was going to be a amazing. Welcome Cava is handed to you and all of the onsite activities are explained before you are taken to your Room. We opted for the Superior Villa with its own Terrace perfect for the small amount of Sun that just about emerged. The Hotel is stunning with incredible views whatever direction you look, whether it be the Incredible Architecture, the Vines or the Douro River everywhere direction it is beautiful. Although Good Rooms and incredible views contribute to a fantastic Hotel; I find that it is the service and the little details and extras that truly take a Hotel to the next level.  


That is why Hacienda Zorita is now one of our favourite hotels, in fact I can't just call it a hotel. it is a Foodie Destination that should be on every foodies radar. The Staff are all well informed, friendly and approachable, nothing you ask is to big or small and they offer help and suggestions without you even needing to voice your inner thoughts. 

 Complimentary Wine Tasting


Included in Every Stay Here

  • Welcome Drink

  • Introduction Drink and Aperitif 

  • Welcome Bottle of Wine

  • Wine and Rum Tasting (even if you think I've already tasted all of these Wines, go they are so informative and it was so much fun!)

  • Amazing A La Carte Restaurant 

  • 11.30am end to Breakfast, perfect if you want that holiday layin. DON't MISS breakfast, it is by far the best breakfast spread I have ever had. 

  • 12pm Checkout, that last hour really does make all the difference, also we asked in the morning we were leaving and they let us check out at 1pm, there is no harm in asking!

  • Incredible Service 

  • Stunning Views 

  • Friendly Staff 


  A La Carte Menu in Pictures 

The added extras at this Hotel are astounding and even better,they are so reasonably priced. One of the things that I hate/fear  is that everything is going to have luxury price tag to go with it. I can hand on heart say not here. Every single 'extra' that we took part in was worth every single cent. The Wine Pairing Meal and the Organic Farm tours are two things that you just HAVE to do when you are there. If you are into your Food and Wine you will love it, if you aren't I'm sure that you will be after these excursions. I am going to do a whole post on our Organic Farm Tour as it was just so fun and informative! Also keep an eye out for our things to see and do in Salamanca and Avila.

One thing that we didn't get the chance to enjoy was the Wine and Olive Oil Spa, very unique and Special to this Hotel and like everything else, there are a range of treatments that won't make you flinch at the pricing.


See below for a sneak peek of our Organic Farm Trip. 


Check out Secret Escapes as their Sale for this hotel is still running until Early May! If you are looking for a Destination Wedding then this Stunning Venue could be yours for your Big Day, so why not turn your Romantic Mini Break into a 'Plannymoon'. 

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