Our Weekend away to our Wedding Venue, Brinsop Court.

Our Weekend away to our Wedding Venue, Brinsop Court.

April 18, 2018

Relax and Recharge. It's Ok to take a break.


You know sometimes everything just goes wrong at once? Well that's kind what it feels likes for me at the moment! Sometimes you just need to take a step back, and remember that it is okay to take a break. It's really hard when it is your own business that you're stepping away from, the temptation to 'just check in' is always there. Don't get me wrong I am the guilty of this when I'm away, but I personally find it worse not having the option to do it at all! I think it is really important to let yourself have the time to yourself to be you, not the business owner. I always find that things are less overwhelming when I've had a few days away. I get to relax and recharge myself before coming back to my little empire. So nearly a month now (life has definitely got in the way of me posting!) Ben and I decided to take a weekend out, to just be us again. 


 We got to stay at our  Wedding Venue, which obviously already holds a special place in our hearts. We aren't getting married until next year, however we have had it booked for a couple of years now; we try visit as often as we can. Whenever we can stay we get to stay in our soon to be Honeymoon Cottage. Ivy Cottage is the most idyllic home away from home that Ben and I have ever come across. It has everything you could ever need from your a  Log Fire, a Cocktail Shaker, Hot tub, a TV in the bathroom, I could literally keep listing for pages. Seriously everything is thought of, including the Welcome Basket local treats such as Herefordshire Cider, locally made cakes and not forgetting the locally made Tyrrells Crisps. It also snowed whilst we were there! Making it even more cosy and magical and Brody is obsessed with Snowballs.




Herefordshire is genuinely an amazing place, beautiful Countryside, incredible local produce, stunning Houses and so much more. When you imagine the countryside, this is it, Orchards, Cows, Rolling Hills and Forests, trust me it's picture perfect. Luckily for us Brinsop has 80 acres for you to explore and there are amazing Walks nearby as well. To top it off  Ivy Cottage is Dog Friendly so you and your fur baby can enjoy all of this amazing Countryside the way it should be! Brinsop Court itself has everything that Brody could ever dream of, a  moat, ducks, swans, huge muddy fields and woods. You could quite happily walk around the estate and never need to leave. 


Herefordshire is a foodie hub. It is not just the beef that is notorious around here, from Cider and Crisps to Gin and Vodkas. Some of your favoruite households treats will come from this area. Tyrrells Crisps, Chase Gin and Vodka and Westons Cider are just a few off the top of my head! This has thankfully led to some amazing restaurants in the area, all of which fully embrace the incredible produce that is made on their doorstep. There is a Pub a short drive away from Brinsop called The Bell Inn is your typical Country Pub, but it also serves amazing food. (It;s Dog Friendly as well. (I forgot to get pictures when I was there sorryy!) We also had an amazing meal at the legendary Beefy Boys Meat Boutique. Again making full use of their incredible local produce with their Hereford Beef Burgers.GO there but go Hungry, you'll want to try everything and you should it will be wonderful! 




Our last trip was a rather last minute affair meaning we didn't get to do one of the main things we wanted to. The Chase Distillery Tour. My whole family have been huge fans for a while now. When I found out we were getting married near their distillery it made me love them even more. From their Vodka to their Gin, everything is unique and delicious. However this is definitely not a secret anymore, so if you want to book a tour it is advised that you call 6 weeks in advance! Our next trip down we will definitely be booking ourselves in, don't worry I will let you know all about it! Liquor not your thing? There is also The Cider Route including Pubs, Museums and Producers. Definitely another route we will definitely be taking at some point! Apologies in advance about the Hereford Spam that I'm sure is going to fill our blog! 



Got any tips or recomendations for us to try out? Get in touch and let us know info@carpediempizzas.com 


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