Life isn't perfect but your hair can be.

Our Interview with Will from Will Brown Hair, Henlow.

March 20, 2018


Life isn't perfect but your hair can be.


One of the best things about moving to Henlow was finding Will Brown Hair literally a minute walk from my front door, how lucky am I?  I have only had amazing experiences and for someone as picky as me that is saying something! Will and his team are friendly, helpful and always accommodating. Whether that be with squeezing you in for a last minute appointment or an after work beer with your haircut. For regular customers it was no surprise when Will and his team won the Bedfordshire's Best New Business Award 2017.  It is amazing seeing other local businesses doing well and personally it only inspires me to aim higher.


The great thing about being an independently owned Salon is their ability to grow with the market and customers demands. Whether you walk in with a strict list of demands or asking them for their well educated advice you will definitely walk away happy and impressed. They offer everything from Men's haircuts to prescribed personalised hair treatments and everything else in between. For all you Brides out there don't despair; Will and his team can offer a bespoke consultation to suit your theme, location and ideas that you have in mind. As if impeccable hair styling isn't enough reason to return they also offer loyalty schemes and recommend a friend for £10 off! 



 I know that you want to find out more about the Man behind Will Brown Hair and luckily for you now is your chance. 


What made you start your own business?

My drive to work for myself and start my own team; working towards my own targets both personal and financial. Since I was young, I’ve always wanted to lead. Whether it was on the football pitch or at work, I’ve always wanted to lead a successful team and implement my own ideas.


What was your first i made it moment?

Although I don’t ever think ‘I've made it’, I have two moments where it hit home that I have been achieving my early goals. One is on my wedding day this year when my parents said how proud they were of everything the business had achieved in a small amount of time and then in July this year we went on to win ‘Best New Business’ at the Bedfordshire Business Awards which was an amazing achievement and which made me give a real confidence boost.


What is the toughest part of your job?

The inability to switch off. With modern technology and social media it is impossible to fully take yourself away from the day to day highs and lows of running a business. I like to give 100% effort to everything I do, so I would definitely say that pulling myself away from the salon and giving myself more time off is the hardest thing!


What is your most memorable food experience?

On our honeymoon in the Seychelles, having Lobster served to us on the front of a rock face which looked out to the Indian ocean. By far the most memorable food moment of my life. Plus the food was amazing!


Name one food you couldn’t live without?

I would say king prawns are definitely a favourite in our house. We cook risotto and pasta dishes all the time with king prawns. Wherever we go for dinner, if there are king prawns on the menu then we have to have them! Although, I also love a good bag of crisps too.


What is your most memorable travel experience?

Again, the Seychelles. I haven’t travelled much at all in my life so to travel to a remote island and experience true paradise, was an unbelievable experience. Everything was perfect; the weather, the hotel, the island, the sea, the beach… We even saw a sea turtle beneath us in the sea.


Where is your go to place for inspiration?

Home. Without doubt, home is my favourite place to be. Wether its in the garden or inside, I can always find inspiration at home. Normally with my wife, Rosie and my dog Dora, home is where I normally relax the most and do all my thinking.


Name one thing you couldn’t live without?

Family, especially my wife. My wife and family are the best support I could ever wish for. I know, in business terms, we’re going to experience the ups and downs for many many years, so to know that I have them by my side is the best feeling.

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