You don't have to be Great to Start, but you have to Start to be Great.

You don't have to be Great to Start, but you have to Start to be Great.

January 7, 2018

I came across this quote today and it really hit home. This time one year ago we made the lengthy drive to Wales to buy our Van. This was our first major step on what has been an amazing journey! 


 We have learnt so much in such a short period and the support we have had is incredible. There have been major ups and downs as you would expect in any ones first year. When you involve family those ups and downs are way more intense. 


Working with your family is both a blessing and a curse. The professional boundaries are absolutely blurred and non existent at times. There have definitely been some awkward moments on the Van where we have been in a family tiff (sorry to anyone who witnessed this!! - sorry Mum because it was normally you and I!) but we normally managed to laugh about it later! 


However much we argue or get irritated with each other (trust me Robert is not a morning

person!!) I wouldn't share this experience with anyone else. We have created some amazing memories, been to some totally random places and laughed a lot. Really what more can you ask for? Starting a business is super scary especially when you have never done anything like this before, so it is great to know that the people you work with truly have your back. Anyway enough about us!!


Let's talk about you guys, however much work we put in without you guys it is literally just a Van with a Pizza Oven. From Weddings to Village Pitches and Show Jumping to Little Mix's Summer Tour we have killed it at some Epic events. I never thought that we would have catered at some of the events we have this year and we cannot wait to see what 2018 is going to bring us! 


Thank you as well to everyone who reads our little blog! We have loads more interviews coming up with more amazing local businesses and one of my personal goals this year is to majorly up our photography game and bringing you some exciting recipes. We love to hear from you so get in touch if you would like to learn about any business in particular or a recipe suggestion and we will do our best.  











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