Our Stay in Tulum, Mexico.

Our Stay in Tulum, Mexico.

October 22, 2017

Just another day in Paradise.


Tulum. Go there. You'll LOVE it. I Promise. End of Blog Post. 



Ok, I lied it wasn't really the end of the post, but you really should go. Trust me you will not be disappointed. Tulum is hands down the best place that Ben and I have visited, I even prefered it to the Maldives!  It has everything, Stunning Beaches, Jungle, Luxury Hotels, Authentic Culture, Fabulous Restaurants and Epic Wildlife!  Tulum can either be the laidback foodie beach break that we went for or the Detox and Yoga Filled retreat that some are looking for. I've tried to sum up or trip with some hotel, food and excursion recommendations, but a trip like this you can't really put into words. 

Where to Stay


Whether it be a Tent or a High End Luxury Hotel Tulum has it all and everything in between. We had the luxury of staying at two amazing hotels during our trip, Rosa Del Viento and Casa Malca. They were both completely different and I loved them both in their own ways! I would definitely recommend both but it depends on your budget and what you are looking for! 


Rosa Del Viento 

This is where we spent the majority of our stay, right at the end of the beach strip on the white sandy coastline. Although this was one of the more budget hotels it was lovely. Big spacious rooms, lovely bathrooms, lots of sun loungers, great cocktails and charming staff. The only downside was that there was no pool, however with such a beautiful beach we didn't really notice it.  The food wasn't astounding however with all the restaurants in the local area that are a must visit it is almost a blessing in disguise. If you are on a budget and still want to stay on the beach strip then this is a great place to stay! You could easily walk to the main strip of jungley restaurants and some of the best Beachside restaurants are a short stroll away.

Casa Malca 

This Hotel. What I can I say other than perfection? Firstly let's start with the fact it used to be one of Pablo Escobar's Mansions. As someone who became obsessed with Narcos as soon as I found out this fact we pretty much booked the next day. The funny thing is how amazing this hotel is we almost forgot the reason we originally booked. The artwork, the architecture, the food, the drinks, the pool, the staff, the ... too much? I'll stop. Basically every detail had been thought of, I fell in love with this hotel the moment we arrived. Even if it is for just the one night, book it. You won't regret it! 


Where we can, Ben and I are definitely going to do this in the future. Checking into a luxury Hotel on your last night keeps you looking forward to something. Honestly I cannot think of a more perfect end to our trip than this spectacular hotel. 





If hotels aren't what you are looking for I would highly recommend checking out Airbnb, they have some amazing Villas and apartments available. They are mainly jungle side and more downtown Tulum however, taxis are cheap, bikes are everywhere and the beaches are public. Certain parts of the bach you have to have a minimum spend at the beach clubs but trust me the cocktails will be worth it, and your on holiday enjoy yourself! On that note Rosa Del Viento had numerous 'non guests' come onto the beach and they had the cheapest cocktails that we had on holiday.

Where to Eat

I'm not going to ramble on here. There are so many incredible places to choose from and to be honest we didn't really have a bad meal at any of them. Listed below are my favourites, I've done 50/50 beachside and jungleside. Definitely eat at both, they are both great experiences. 




Casa Banana 

An Argentinian Steakhouse, with an incredible Cocktail List (Tito's Mule = Winner) Everything is cooked in their Wood Fired Kitchen. Super Cool, super delicious an absolute must. We were too hungry to take any pictures that are worth showing but trust me it's worth it. We had the handmade Chorizo, Fillet Mignon, the Catch of the Day and the most insane Chocolate Tart that I am still drooling over a week later. This type of cooking and atmosphere truly epitomises the Tulum Foodie scene. Fairy Lights. Check. 
Candles. Check. Droolworthy Food. Check. Go there enjoy, but remember it is cash only!




With Neon Lights, Disco Balls, Mezcal Cocktails (my new fave thing), Fairy Lights, Candles, DJs and Authentic Mexican Dishes. This place screams INSTAGRAM me, so go if you want great food, drinks and pics. For us it was super romantic and just what we needed to kickstart our Mexican adventure. We ordered way too much food, but the Slow Roasted Pork Belly Tacos are a must. The language barrier caused one of those had to be there holiday memories; Ben ordered a Sol Beer and got given a pot of Salt. Two cocktails down I tell you I could NOT stop laughing, to be honest I'm still laughing now! Anyway back to the restaurant. It's so pretty and magical that even if you only have time to stop by for one of their signature cocktails it is worth it. 






Philosophy, Casa Malca

We had the pleasure of eating Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner here. And it really was our pleasure. We booked our night at Casa Malca through Mr and Mrs Smith - check them out it is all luxury hotels worldwide with added extras - and included in our stay was Breakfast and a choice of Yoga, a Ruins Tour or Dinner. Ben and I are Piglets so dinner was our obvious choice.


We had an exquisite four course meal and a cocktail included in this offer, way more than we were expecting and then the most magical thing happened. One of the staff brought over a Baby Sea Turtle that he found on the beach. Apparently they head towards the lights after they hatch and they release them the next evening into the ocean. The best dinner experience we have ever had. 


Anyway back to the food everything was amazing the hummus we had for lunch was the best I've ever eaten. The Tomahawk Steak was seasoned to perfection and then there was the cocktails. From their Signature Mezcal Cocktails that we chose upon arrival or their Pina Colada's I think we died and went to Cocktail heaven. Nothing is too much trouble here and whether you are a hotel guest or just a beach wanderer you are treated like royalty. Go enjoy the artwork and you never know you may see a baby turtle too!