Interview with Louise from Wax and Wicks.

Interview with Louise from Wax and Wicks.

October 18, 2017

I've got to many Candles ... Said noone Ever, 


One of the best things about working on our beautiful little Van Uno is the lovely people we get to meet on the way! Back in August we worked a Charity event for the incredible Sue Ryder Hospice. When and where we can we always try and work for and give to charity. We give 5% of all of our profits to the incredible people at the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation. When we first started I knew that I wanted to give some of our profits to a Wildlife Charity but it definitely took a long time to find the right one.
















The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation does extraordinary on the ground work all over the world to help some of the most endangered animals. Sadly David Shepherd passed away earlier this year, he was not only a talented artist but he dedicated his life to the animals and was truly a phenomenal person. If you haven't heard much about them and want to learn more then please check them out! The phrase every little helps truly means something for charities such as this one.


Anyway back to the point of todays Blog post, I always seem to get distracted! At the Sue Ryder Country Fayre we had the privilege to meet Louise from Wax and Wicks. I am a self confessed Scented Candle addict so obviously I managed to sniff out the only scented candle stall in proximity to our Van! Louise creates stunning scented Soy Wax scented candles from home, they are all meticulously handmade and smell DIVINE! Find her on Facebook to find your new Fave Scented Candle. One of my faves is definitely her Mr & Mrs Scented Candle pack that she does, it is such a CUTE gift for newlyweds! Take a look below at her interview below.

What made you start your own business? 

I started up Wax & Wicks as a little hobby at first, I had 2 sons and wanted something that would fit around them and I could do when they were at school or sleeping! It has grown from there 


What was your first I made it moment?

I don’t feel I’ve made it yet - far from it!! I’ve learnt so much this past year or so and I have so much still to learn but the nicest part is seeing the candles in people’s home and people commenting how nice they are!


What is the toughest part of your job?

The toughest part of running a business and being a full time mum is juggling everything. It has got a little easier since my youngest started nursery but I have so much to think about that I have to plan my time extremely carefully! 







What is your most memorable food experience?

My most memorable food experience has to be in Dubrovnik last year for one of my best friends weddings. One of the courses was an octopus salad - I do not eat octopus! They were almost staring at me!! I’d left the table for a few minutes to return to a plate full of them!! I politely left them all  I have a picture of the plate if you’d like it?! 


Name one food you couldn’t live without?

The food I couldn’t live without is porridge. And milk I suppose as that is what I make it with! It sets me up for the day and is just so comforting in the winter (although I eat it all year round!!) topped with honey, blueberries & pecans. Yum! 


What is your most memorable travel experience?

Most memorable travel experience was to New York! My husband proposed to me on a horse & carriage ride round Central Park! We had the best few days there - spent far too much - and came back engaged! We loved NYC so much! 


Where is your go to place for inspiration?

My inspiration comes from friends & family but also social media! I love scrolling through Pinterest for ideas on fashion or home ideas. Candle wise, I’m always looking when I’m out & about for new ideas of things that I can adjust to suit my brand! 


Name one thing you couldn’t live without?

I couldn’t live without my 2 boys! They drive me crazy some days but they are what I live for and why I do what I do! 

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