Our Interview with The Spirit of Gin.

Our Interview with The Spirit of Gin.

September 15, 2017

To Gin or not to Gin? Silly Question!​

I must admit there are a couple of things that I can't say no to, Pizza (obviously) and then it is Gin. My Fiance and I are OBSESSED with Gin and we are always on the hunt to find our next favourite! One of my favourite things about our Van is the amazing people you get to meet on the way. Imagine my glee when we stumbled across the amazing people at The Spirit of Gin! They have a beautifully converted trailer which is themed as an apothecary and filled with lots of beautiful bottles of Gin! 

They have an amazing selection and pair each gin perfectly to truly bring out all of their own individual botanicals! They even made me re discover the first Gin that I ever tried! Gin Xoriguer, which holds great memories for me. We tried this Gin on a boat trip on one of my favourite holidays to Menorca. Menorca is such a beautiful Island, if you haven't been GO, hire a car to discover all of the beautiful beaches and drink their AMAZING GIN! Also make sure you go to Cas Consol. It is a beautiful restaurant in the Former French Consulate with stunning views of the Port on their tiny little balcony and INCREDIBLE Food!




I got distracted as per, the main reason for this post is for you to find out about the amazing people at the Spirit of Gin, not my holiday recommendations





What made you start your own business? 


Firstly, we have always had a passion for gin, and spent many gin fuelled evenings digressing over our favourites and deciding on the next gin or two…we would like to seek out and sample.  It was our Nan that first introduced us the classic G&T many, many years ago! The more we learnt about gin and its history, the more obsessive it became and then of course gin became the ‘in’ drink, whereas it had always been ‘on trend’ with our family!  We then lost our father suddenly, who had always run successful businesses.  So as a family, we wanted to do something that would honour his memory, as he had always encouraged us to follow our dreams and inspired us to work together as a family.  So we set out on our own path and The Spirit of Gin was born.  Incorporated within our branding is a dragonfly, this represents are dad, Michael, even though he never got to see The Spirit of Gin, he will always be part of our journey and remains part of our family business. 


What was your first I made it moment?


Hands down, this was our debut outing in July.  We were both so nervous, driving to the event felt like we were about to sit an exam!  But the positive feedback and kind comments received were definitely the ‘we made it moment’ knowing we had done the trailer justice and people we’d never met before loved the horse trailer and of course loved drinking our gins!  Very happy sisters J


What is the toughest part of your job?


Getting a break in some events/venues.   Being a gin bar, some organisations/venues believe we would be a threat to their main/generic bars revenue.  Therefore, they can be reluctant in allowing us to attend their events.  However, we are a speciality bar and therefore compliment the main and other bars plus giving guest’s choice.  We have found this to be a frustrating part of the job, but we are very grateful to the open minded venues that have accepted us and subsequently rebooked us, as they recognise that people want choice and on occasion look for something different. 







What is your most memorable food experience?


Stacey:  In Oystins, Barbados, I ate swordfish that I saw being caught in the ocean and then cooked over an oil drum on the beach!  No fine dining, just sitting on the beach eating the freshest fish I had ever tasted watching the sun set whilst reggae music blasted from some beat up old speakers on the beach. 

Gemma: After getting married in The Little White Chapel in Las Vegas and then basically partying hard…like one does!  Ending up in McDonalds eating a Big Mac meal whilst still in my wedding dress!  Classy; no – memorable; definitely!


Name one food you couldn’t live without?


Stacey: Honestly, copious amounts of Haribo (is that a food?)

Gemma: Pizza of course, anytime of the day! Bring it on…


What is your most memorable travel experience?


We were very fortunate to visit Venezuela and take a trip into the jungle to visit the Angel Falls.  The trip created memories that will last forever; we watched wildlife in its natural habitat and developed a profound respect for our environment and Mother Nature.  A trip of a lifetime with very special memories made. 


Where is your go to place for inspiration?


Stacey: Retail therapy…always a winner for me!  

Gemma: the great British public house! It’s an amazing place to people watch and listen to their stories and every now and then inspire ideas into fruition.


Name one thing you couldn’t live without?


Stacey: Just 1? Ahhhh…sweets, handbags and of course gin! Sorry that’s 3.

Gemma: Support from my husband, family and friends.  I am very grateful and do not take it for granted. 

Stacey: Yeah, and that from me too! J

Think we need to know about someone? Get in touch info@carpediempizzas.com









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