Our Dinner Party Guide.

Our Dinner Party Guide.

August 26, 2017

A Little Party Never Killed Nobody


Last weekend a very rare and wonderful thing happened .... I had the weekend off! So how did I choose to celebrate the only way I know how, cooking for all of our good friends! We had an amazing evening of beautiful food, scenery and company! 



We have had many parties at our house however they have always been a more 'relaxed affair' such as BBQs and Games Nights. However this time I wanted to go all out with a more grown up vibe. We had Jazz Music, Fresh Flowers, Candles, the obligatory Fairy lights and not forgetting the FOOD!


Unfortunately in my aim for perfection I may have forgotten to take the pictures that I wanted of my main course and cocktails but hey ho! There is always a next time and I promise that the next time I will take pictures for you all to see! 


So what did I forget to take pictures of?! Let me breakdown the Menu for you, I also tried my hand at pairing cocktails with each course. 



Antipasto Board

 Served with a Peach Bellini 


Main Course 


Dauphinoise Potatoes, Whole Roast Duck with a Cherry and Red Wine Sauce, Roast Carrots and Garlicky Green Beans

Served with a Cherry Whiskey Smash or a Berry Sangria 




Chocolate and Raspberry Torte, with Double Cream or Fabio's Classic Vanilla Gelato

Served with a Raspberry Martini 

I have also found a new obsession in edible flowers! They were pretty much everywhere, on the antipasto board, the dessert and of course in the ice cubes! Honestly I don't know how I lived without them! They make everything look so dainty and pretty, thankfully I have some leftover ice cubes so fear not I will be making a cocktail or two just so you can see!



Kirsty McGilleyI also tried my hand at making my own floral table runner. After one class with the amazing (read more about her in our Blog post) I had the confidence to go it alone to make my own creation. Well almost alone she did help me in advising what materials and flowers I should use! Fresh Flowers really do add a decadent touch to any Party you are throwing. Whether you go Big with a Table Runner or simple with a Vase of beautiful flowers it is definitely worth the effort. 


Keep an eye out for our next interview with the amazing Emily Jane from Emily Jane Cakes coming soon! 




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