Our Interview with Tabitha from Luna Boutique, Hitchin.

Our Interview with Tabitha from Luna Boutique, Hitchin.

August 12, 2017

I should give up Shopping but I'm not a Quitter.


One of the best things about starting my own business is the appreciation that you get for other local independent businesses.Until I started my own business you don't realise how much detail goes into the smallest of things. Shopping locally is an easy way to help your local community. Where we can we will always choose to support local businesses, in fact one of our most loved products is from Wobbly Bottom Farm, if you haven't tried there Goats Cheese yet you are really missing out! 


We have such fantastic independent businesses in the Local area it is actually hard to find a reason not to shop locally! Whether that be in the local boutiques or monthly street food events that are arranged. The experience that you get with these independent businesses is truly a unique and personal one . From what I have found the quality of goods is always much higher because they have all been hand chosen, to suit their small clientele base rather than the masses. From experience I know that you put your heart and soul into the options that you are offering people. 


Last week we interviewed Kirsty the lovely owner of the Fantastic The Flower Mill (check them out for any of you floral needs!)  This week we have had the opportunity to interview Tabitha who owns the Beautiful Luna Boutique in Hitchin. Personally I LOVE the selection of clothes she has and she also  sells these incredible boozy scented candles, it is well worth a visit! Check out our interview below.

What made you start your own business? 


I have always loved little boutiques and one off shops. I would often spend my spare time looking for new shops to visit in Hertfordshire and Essex. I have always shopped in local businesses and loved finding clothing you couldn’t find on the high street.


Clothes and fashion was something i took an interest in from a young age. As i became older i thought about what i could really see myself doing and decided it was time to take a risk and open my own boutique. I felt i had a good eye for clothing and i wanted to display it in a boutique which i felt would appeal to all women. Working for myself has always been a dream of mine. I have been lucky to have a lot of support along the way.


What was your first I made it moment?


I have only been open a year so my answer may sound quite simple but for me it was seeing my shopping bags being carried through the high street of Hitchin. I always smile to myself and think  ‘wow i actually did it’.


What is the toughest part of your job?


I would have to say working on my own. My work environment use to involve a team of people. Going from a group of colleagues  to working for yourself and by yourself was challenging.   On the not so good days you have to be your own motivation which can be difficult.


What is your most memorable food experience? 


I am a huge fan of the U.S.A . One restaurant I went to in Florida had these amazing coconut prawns. It was a good 15 years ago and to this day i still can’t recreate them. The amazing tagines in Marrakesh were also very memorable.


Name one food you couldn't live without? 


I’m a huge peanut butter fan. I also love Jamaican food and curries. You can’t beat it.


What is your most memorable travel experience?


I’ve had a few but the first which came to mind would be the Helicopter ride to the grand canyon and quad biking over the desserts in morocco. Monte Carlo is also one place i want to visit again. I found the place beautiful.


Where is your go to place for inspiration?


I get a lot of inspiration from magazines, movies and style icons. i love creating mood boards. I have done for years. It’s a great way to put all your ideas in one place.


Name one thing you couldn’t live without?


Music. Without a doubt...and a glass of wine. It’s a treat i look forward to at the weekends.

Think we need to know about someone get in touch today info@carpediempizzas.com








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