Our Interview with Kirsty from The Flower Mill, Bedfordshire

Our Interview with Kirsty from The Flower Mill, Stanford.

August 2, 2017

Let your dreams Blossom..


As our business name suggests one of our favourite things to do is to 'seize the day'. Whenever opportunities arise for us to learn new skills then we always grab them with both hands! Last weekend we had the chance to meet the amazing Kirsty Mcgilley from The Flower Mill, at one of her amazing workshops. 



We spent the morning turning some floral sponge into a beautiful Rustic Table Design. In just an hour and a half we had completely transformed the sponge and our confidence!   It was so interesting seeing how everything came together (you can see the various stages above).


Kirsty was a great Teacher and she made the whole experience so Fun, easy and enjoyable! We went from feeling completely clueless to confidently placing flowers where we thought they would look best. 

When learning new skills at first I am always nervous that I am not going to pick things up. But slowly I am learning that if you stop worrying and start doing then not only will you have fun you might discover a new passion!  I was very proud of  our finished pieces! We even got to show off our arrangements at a Wedding that we catered for that night! 


Take a look at The Flower Mill's Facebook page for their future Workshops! If anyone has any suggestions about workshops they think we would like then let us know! 


Any opportunity that we get to work with other Local businesses  we grab with both hands. You feel like your part of your own little club and everyone is always very supportive! To celebrate this I am starting a series of interviews with lots of different business owners and influencers. 



After such an amazing morning it would have been rude not to start with the amazing Kirsty Mcgilley! 

What made you start your own business? 


I decided to start my own business for two reasons, the first was for personal growth to push myself and to strive for new achievements. The second was to have the chance to develop my own style in floristry. 


What was your first 'I've made it' moment?


My first 'I've made it' moment would probably be seeing my regular workshops fully booked or being featured in the Wedding Market Place blog for a 2017 Wedding. 


Where do you go to for inspiration? 


I take most of my professional inspiration from Holland, horticulture and floristry is a big part of their culture. 




What is the toughest part of your job? 


The toughest part of my job is funerals. Seeing grieving families, it never gets easier. It is always satisfying knowing I have helped give their loved ones a beautiful send off with flowers to brighten a sad time.



What is your most Memorable Food Experience?


It would have to be a trip to Berlin where we visited the Christmas Markets, I tried so many different types of food (mostly sweets and cakes!) 


What is one Food you cannot live without? 


One food I could not live with out is chips! Nothing beats a good chunky triple fried chip! 


Name one thing you couldn't live without? 


One thing I couldn't live without would be my phone! It's my connection to my friends, family and my business. 

Think we need to know about someone or somewhere? Get in touch info@carpediempizzas





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