You Only Live Once

You Only Live Once

May 31, 2017


Apparently Drake and I have something in common as my new Motto is YOLO! As this week our new Adventure became my Full Time Job! It is a scary thing to do to hand in your notice and say that you have the Guts to make it on your own. But so far so good ...


We had our first 'Village Round' spots last week and to say they were a success would be an understatement. We had only positive feedback and our second night we even SOLD OUT! Top this with a plain sailing Private Event it is safe to say we are all very Happy! I never expected that our venture would go badly, but for it to be going so well so soon is unbelievable. I must say I have caught myself having #GIRLPOWER moments. 


Obviously we are all still learning and in the very early stages and don't get me wrong mistakes have been made. Like not closing the fridge properly and arriving at an event with half of the ingredients on the floor (WOOPS!!) But hey you learn from your mistakes! 


Luckily for me my first self employed week has been matched with lovely sunny weather and trips to local tea rooms looking for new pitches!  It is far from the 9-5 office job I used to have and I can honestly say I am living my dream and reaching for my Goals! 





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