Turning Ideas Into Reality

Turning Ideas Into Reality

May 17, 2017

Buying our Van felt like the biggest hurdle we had to overcome; it took us months and a four hour drive to Wales to find the perfect van. However in hindsight this was probably one of the more simpler aspects of the start up. Once we had purchased the Van that was it there was no turning back ... this is where our ideas needed to become reality. 


At times this whole process has been overwhelming, when an idea is your baby the pressure for it to work is very personal. This means that every decision big or small feels like a big deal. I want this business to be our Families future so every decision is hugely important to me. At times I probably haven't been the easiest to deal with (sorry everyone!) 

Our next milestone was definitely our Logo. I wanted it to be Simple, Classic and Elegant, personally I think we nailed it! As soon as we had finalised our logo it felt like things fell into place. We chose the interior design for our Van, we found suppliers, we started designing our website. Mentally it was the one thing that stopped me from moving forward.  I felt like something was stopping me from doing everything else. Thankfully it was sorted quickly so I still had time to get everything done! 


One of the best things about starting a Street Food business is definitely the Market research excuse. Street Food Events, Pizza restaurants, cookbooks basically anything that could even slightly count towards the business I used it! A food styling course with a trip to Pizza Pilgrims afterwards was probably my favourite bit of 'Market Research'. Taking pics of food and eating Pizza it doesn't get much better than that! And of course it was all for the business ... 




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