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This Blog is mainly written by Lauren and spell checked by her Mum, Jackie!


When starting up Carpe Diem Pizzas it got them all thinking, what made other people start their businesses? So we thought we would share our story and find out other people's stories as well. 


The Blog kind of grew from there we decided to write about other things that we love. Lauren's two biggest loves are Food and Travel so we thought why not share this with you as well? Our most loved recipes and some of our favourite travel destinations. 

Lauren and Ben are finally getting married next year after nearly 10 years together! They (mainly Lauren!!) have started planning and it is a minefield! Lauren is going to be slowly adding Wedding related posts as well. 

Where are we off to next? Miami, Florida

Want to be apart of our Blog or have any suggestions? Then get in touch we would love to hear from you! 


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